I Feel

…..segment/ chapter 8/5 …………..

The storm is raging, and it’s not silent to me

I felt the wind, the pulling on my hair

I feel so alive and energized

This morning the sun was golden and bright

I saw the light, I felt the sun

I touched the beams with my fingertips, the rays coming through the linen curtains

It snowed and I touched sparkling beauty

I felt the cold, invigorating and wonderful

I brewed coffee

I could smell the familiar grounding air of it

I washed my face

And I could feel my hands on my skin

The faint fresh scent of the lotion

I cooked and felt joy cutting vegetables

Washed dishes

Which felt like meditation

Today I felt everything and it was amazing

I heard birds, and the fire crackling in the stove


Was life worth living

And I am grateful



But taking it all in

Life is miraculous

So much to love

So much to experience

Touch, hear, feel, smell

I marked this day in my calendar

So I still believe

That there are such days

So I believe

That life can still be like this


Simone van Hove Emery

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