I am half Dutch, half German. So the meaning of this word has been everything I longed for since being a child. One can’t even put into words all together what it means. If there could be just one word in any language we could use to communicate with one another. One word which could make it all alright, then it should be this one. Geborgenheit, embraced by protecting arms inside of a great fortress high up in a tower. Surrounded by clouds which are sent to hide your mere existence from anything evil, and toxic in world. It means waking up and your fingertips glide through linen and lace searching, and just when you realize there is nothing to reach out for, you hear footsteps, and smell freshly brewed coffee. That word means that nothing and nobody can ever hurt you. It means eyes looking into yours can see your soul in its purest, barest form. A powerful word which could bring peace to the world, because we trust one another to carry each others babies in our arms through any storm, because we love them as much as we love our own. Such a powerful word describes all that is right, and all that is wrong in the world, and it is so much easier to keep all that is right, and just have the rest vanish into nothing. The hand reaching out for help will always find its way home. And if it is your hand it is reaching for, you are the luckiest person alive. Let’s be that way – Love and light to you. 🙏🏻 Simone’ van Hove- Emery

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