Don’t Enter

Don’t Enter!

How I love those signs

The photographer in me rejoices

Of course I go

Climbing fences and old walls

Forbidden places after all

Make us feel alive

So many treasures

So much unseen

If something fills my soul

Then it is those signs

And the deep woods

Both barren of people

My foot steps barely touch the ground

I will leave nothing behind

I will take the secrets in all their beauty

With the promise they’d never be forgotten

I make them mine

I make them yours

So you also don’t forget

That this world is incredibly beautiful

Beyond imagination

If you just look

It’s everywhere

Believe me

Because I know

So many times I can’t see nothing at all

But when I am able too

The world is a miraculous place

Which I discover

Again and again

Forget your worries

Surrender to what is

Here and now

You have the luxury to do that

And enjoy that moment

Lose yourself

Love yourself

In What IS

Forget the rest

May it be a sunset, sex, a hike

Or a great conversation till midnight over the kitchen table



Because what you do in those moments

Is living.


Simone van Hove Emery

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