Be yourself, read, learn, create, be art, be a voice, brainstorm with like minded, be the light in the dark to others, reach out to those drowning, have courage not fear, know that change is part of life, understand that letting go is a good thing, be empathy, be good to yourself, be your own crazy, be your own wonderful mess, laugh about yourself! Always remember that all great thinkers in history were ridiculed during their time by mediocre minds. Nothing great was ever written, invented or created by small minds! They had faith and courage, and didn’t give up believing in themselves and their visions. Because of them we now have light, cars, electricity, architecture, mathematics, literature, medicine – the list goes on. Always listen to your heart: That way you will never have to ask yourself how to reply to someone’s idiotic question. Because when being authentic your whole life is the answer! Love and Light. Happy Easter to you and yours ! Simones

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