I captured this image a few weeks ago in Northern Washington. It instantly reminded me of a similar shot I took in Alaska, somewhere in the mountains. Both comfort me these days. They signal a destination, and not a path, and a destination sounds so good right now. I had walked so many paths, enough for a life time. Many I couldn’t start soon enough, some I had to conquer, and others brought me to my knees; but I walked on, knowing that also peace and happiness are found along these ways. After many years I started walking with a baby on my hip, and a toddler on my hand; until years later my beautiful daughters are now also ready for a path of their own. ~~~~ I had ventured out into the dense fog this morning to listen to the waves and the wind. My old red scarf, rubber boots and a camping mug with hot coffee kept me warm. I like my Winter Seas. All of them. Never the Summer beaches. Hot weather and I are mortal enemies since I can remember. We try to stay away from each other. I wandered from the cabin to where the waves started to wash away the sand under my boots when I stoped moving. I felt like falling backwards and had to laugh about the memories coming to mind; from days long gone at the Norther Sea. As kids we had contests who could stand up straight the longest. ~~~~~ A mile down I took my sweater off and sat down on a log, loving the solitude, watching the waves rolling in and breathing the crisp morning air. It didn’t intrigue me to find out what I might find behind the cliff. At other times maybe. Not today. I took a few pictures and walked slowly back to the cabin. It seems like it is time for destinations. For peace and solitude. For a home and not a house in transit. I am tired, but there is also magic in getting older. Something grounding, even liberating……….. and a feeling of being invisible in a good way. Like taking a walk on a cold, foggy beach early in the morning. I like that thought. Love and Light to you, Simone

12 thoughts on “Destinations

  1. Wonderful picture, dear. I see a baby dinosaur to the left taking a look… Indian feathers and an an axe in the middle and to the right and the knees of a horse. To the right, someone with a crown is holding his/her head, or he/she plays some kind of music using a concertina or harmonica. What a wonderful Frieze !

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      1. One of many. They seem to appear again and again. Just when one thinks this was it another one started. Like a book where the final chapter is hidden. Maybe a riddle of times and places…..

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