Never give up!

Yesterday was the first time in many, many years were thoughts of dying caused by my depression could have easily turned into reality. The episode hit me completely unprepered like a freight train. I collapsed like a rag doll while trying to hold on to the dresser next to me.

I am considering myself very, very strong, having battled countless episodes, but within seconds my unbalanced, deeply depressed brain pushed its void into my body and mind. Just like my beloved glacier rivers in spring which turn into deadly forces of nature while making their way into the grounds deep below. My body screamed without a noise, and my mind darkened. I sank fast while my brain’s poison made its way through the roads, rivers and streams of my blood, reaching every inch of my body and mind like tar.                                               In a weak place already caused by many recent life changes, I wasn’t so well and still tried to adapt. I had nothing to face this sudden life, and death battle my brain threw at me, even I had fought this for 28 years.                                        How could this happen to me, knowing the signs, the triggers, the foreboding aches and pains…

Our brains fail us just like our hearts do at most unexpected times I guess.

Starring shocked into the growing nothing, my hands’ grip loosened, and fell into my lap like a white flag disregarded by the enemy. I felt the decease penetrating my soul. It had been so long since this happened. So long since the sacred grounds which kept my body bound to life, and loved ones here on earth was even close to be invaded by this deadly illness.                                                                                                                                       Tears ran down my face in deep sadness, since I knew I drowned, slipped away, as the calm silence filled my soul, taking away any fear of death. ………. /. ( End of segment 6 / Chapter 12 )

These few sentences took me about 6 hours. I wanted you to know that even when you reach that point, do not give in, and know that you are never alone! There are things between heaven and earth that can’t be explained, but believe. A dying wish will fade away like everything else you already conquered and left behind.

Love and Light, Simone

16 thoughts on “Never give up!

  1. I completely understand what you are going through my friend. Many, many years ago I was hit with depression, it is like walking around with a building brick inside my head. It took 18 months for it to totally clear and the brick is now part of Trump’s Mexican Wall. The Mexicans will have to pay me for that brick 😉 No advice. It’s happening. Love and hugs. Ralph ❤

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    1. Thank you for your kind words. We moved from NY to Seattle, and even had to sell our house, because the assignment was unexpected. My husband is in the military, and of we get orders we leave, and pretty much have to start all over again. He teaches here at the Military Academy at the University. I don’t deal with change so easy anymore. It’s hard to not know a soul, and again being in a strange and new surrounding. That threw me off this time.

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  2. Once you experience deep depression and anxiety its like you can never really get away, that’s how it seems anyway. Take care of yourself Simone and thank you for sharing-everyone thinks they are alone with their stuff and that they are the only ones suffering.

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    1. Thank you for your kind words. I appreciate the feedback as well. Yes, I always crawled my way out of the darkness, it is what it is. I wish to be in a place where I feel taken care of. A place where inner peace is found, and where I feel geborgen ( can’t find an English word for that ). It’s not just inside of us, this illness needs also physical attention, and just very few people understand. 🙏🏻🙏🏻

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