….. and I went to the woods..

             Henry Thoreau’s poem could not be more true. Trees ground me, huge old trees humble me. I imagine a glowing web of their roots under my feet, and all around me reaching out to nurture, and protect its kin. Especially the old Nordic rainforests like these. I could walk for hours, destination irrelevant. Good stuff. Soul food. Powerful, beautiful, magical. Love and Light, Simone’

14 thoughts on “….. and I went to the woods..

    1. It is. We moved to Seattle a few weeks ago. Even we do day trips into the mountains πŸ” and many beautiful places, I have a hard time adjusting to all the noise, and people. Yesterday they broke into our car, and we do not live in a bad neighborhood. I believe Seattle needs to stop growing, and taking care first of its many problems. Hmm….. it is beautiful here, but I feel like living in a dying city. Something rumbles deep beneath, and there are eerie sounds. Hard to describe. Thank you again for reading, and commenting on my segments. You always help me to go further. πŸ™πŸ»


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